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How To Play

Fantasy Euroleague

All the rules about how to create a Euroleague fantasy team, how to join private leagues and how to manage the team during the season.

Type of Fantasy


There are two types of Euroleague Fantasy Basketball:

  • Competition mode (or fixed credits): each fanta-coach has a number of virtual credits (budgets) within he chooses the players to buy for his team. Each player is associated with a credit value based on his performances. Players can also be purchased by other users (non-exclusive rosters) who compete against each other in private leagues.

  • Draft mode (or auction): the virtual team is created through an auction mechanism in which users use virtual credits to buy the players through an auction. Each team is composed by different players (exclusive roster). This is the most widely used mode among small groups of people and friends.

Team Management

Each Euroleague Fantasy Team is composed of 10 players and 1 coach, subdivided as follows: 

  • Centers: 2

  • Forwards: 4

  • Guards: 4

  • Coach: 1


The starting five can be arranged according to the following game formations (guards-forwards-centers): 

  • 2-2-1

  • 1-2-2

  • 2-1-2

  • 1-3-1

  • 3-1-1

Each player or coach has a purchase value, expressed in credits. Every fantasy coach has a credits budget necessary to build your Dunkest Euroleague Fantasy Basketball team. The purchase value of each player can increase or decrease during the season, depending on the real performance of the player.

Fantasy Euroleague Schedule is organized in Matchdays that last a variable number of days and include at least a match for each Euroleague team. Each Matchday is subdivided in Game Rounds, that is groups of matches that are held in different days.

During the season fantasy coaches have to manage the team by substiuting player bench-court and by doing trades (actions of selling/buying player to reinforce the team).

Fantasy Scores

At the end of each Matchday, the total score of your Fantasy Basketball Team is calculated by adding the points scored by the players in your roster.

The score of each player is based on the performance of the player itself and it's calculated as the sum of differents values, for example:

  • Points

  • Assist

  • Rebounds

  • Blocks

  • Steals

  • and more..

Type of Leagues

Each fantasy-coach challenges other users within Private Leagues in both the Competition and Draft modes. In both cases, however, the Private Leagues can be of two types, based on how the ranking is calculated:


  • General Classification (or Rostisserie, or ROTO): the virtual teams that participate in the league get a score determined by the sum of the statistics of the players that make up the team. This score determines the position in the ranking of virtual teams. The virtual team that accumulates the highest score at the end of the season is the winner of the game.

  • Head-to-Head Clash Ranking: Virtual teams receive a score based on player statistics and compete in one-on-one challenges against other teams. During these challenges, the virtual team that accumulates the highest score wins, obtaining points that determine its position in the standings.

Where to Play


There's only one way to play Euroleague Fantasy Basketball and it's called Dunkest, the most complete game also available on browser, Android App and iOS App.

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