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Best App and Websites

for Fantasy Euroleague

Discover the best Euroleague Fantasy Games: ranking, features, pros and cons. The best way to find out where to follow your passion.

Euroleague Fantasy Basketball is a synonymous of Dunkest, currently the best fantasy basketball about Euroleague.

Dunkest is a fantasy basketball born in 2013 that has been able to innovate from year to year supported by an increasingly large and active community. Today Dunkest has more than 100,000 players and is by far the most complete fantabasket in Italy and Europe.


But why is Dunkest the best app of Fantasy Euroleague?


1) Available on App and WebSite

Dunkest is the only Fantasy Euroleague to offer a complete gaming experience on all devices, being present for:

2) Draft or Fixed Credits

Dunkest is a complete fantasy basketball because it allows you to play the two main modes:

  • Competition (fixed credits): non-exclusive rosters in which each fanta-coach composes the team as desired, respecting the available budget.

  • Draft (auction): exclusive rosters in which the fanta-coach make up the teams through auctions with friends


For both game modes, Dunkest allows you to take part in leagues with a general classification or head-to-head.



3) The Community

Dunkest has always put his face on it! From the first day he created a direct and transparent relationship with his users creating a strongly affectionate community (Instagram and Facebook mainly) and who has always contributed to the development of the game through feecback and advice

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